Remote Recording

Thank you for taking part in this Sine Nomine remote recording for Jonny.

The details below explain how to make a recording of your own 'part' which will be amalgatmated with everyone else's to form a full choir recording! As a bonus of the technology, this means you can record more than one voice part (for example, both soprano parts in the Byrd or even a mix of soprano and alto). If you are happy to do so, recording more than one voice part would be very useful when we put together the mix.

Please try to get the recordings to me by mid-August (or let me know if you need a later date)

We are recording three pieces:

Guide TracksScoreNotes
Locus IsteAudioVideoScoreA couple of entries after gaps have an audible 'count-in'
Sing JoyfullyAudioVideoScoreA wood-block sound is used to indicate rall at end with two semi-quaver taps. Score from p287 of The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems.
Ach HerrAudioVideoScoreEasiest to use the video of Stephen conducting


As reassurance, it is usual for these individual recordings to sound pretty ropey - don't worry about that as it will sound miraculously better once they are all put together and an 'acoustic' added!

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Warmest wishes, and happy singing!